Digital Marketing



Digital Marketing

The legal industry is experiencing dynamic changes as competition continuously heating up. What does your firm do to set itself apart from the competition? Do you advertise on television? Internet SEO campaigns? Getting new leads is vital to growing your law firm. JBA Legal Solutions can provide your firm with effective solutions that include social media implementations, physical marketing pieces, and a digital presence that will identify potential clients and turn your perspectives into profitability. We have significant experience in both physical and digital marketing campaigns that will set your firm apart. Regardless of your legal practicing areas, our digital marketing strategists will customize your marketing operations and offer the expertise you need to meet your firm’s objectives for overall growth. Not only does JBA Legal Solution provide in-depth reports, our marketing experts will also guide you through the report either in person or web conference. Our services include: local listing management, responsive website design, SEO, social media and content marketing.

Web Presence

Having a solid and consistent web presence is crucial to your firm’s success online. It’s not just about creating a website that’s modern and visually appealing. In a non-digital world, it is easy to see the reactions of visitors to your work; however, there is no possible way of telling how a visitor interacts with your site on a personal level. At JBA Legal Solutions, our web designers and developers focus on combining artistic talent and data insight to create dynamic web presence that will bring customers back and enable you to get revenue from affiliates. In addition, we also offer local listing management service that broadens your exposure in search engines to help you generate more traffic to your business from local listings.

SEO services

With rapid evolution in search engine and social environments, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to marketing campaigns. In order to generate traffic, your website must display in the top 5 positions of the Google organic listings. Although it’s the search engine that ranks your site, we generally believe that successful SEO is a result of initiatives that produce value for your visitors. Great SEO isn’t just about ranking in the search result, but also generating traffic from the proper targeted audience to your website. With over 5 billion searches performed daily on Google’s search engine, it is highly necessary for your business website to have a strong search presence. No matter who your target visitors are, we always make sure your business website has the visibility it needs and achieve your marketing objectives.